Radway Cinema, Sidmouth

June 2020

Radway Cinema, Sidmouth

Despite the global Covid-19 pandemic, Bell Theatre Services were able to supply and install new projection and audio equipment for Scott Cinemas at the single screen Radway Cinema, Sidmouth, Devon, UK.

Assisted by Scott Cinemas Technical Manager, Darren Davies, a new JBL audio system was installed, comprising of JBL 3730 and JBL 4642A stage end loudspeakers, along with JBL 8320 and JBL Control 28-1 surround speakers.  Given that the auditorium has a circle and a low rear stalls ceiling height, the 7.1 surround system was divided into three separate zones to ensure no seat is overwhelmed with surround information.  Amplification is by Crown DSi amplifiers.

As the cinema was shut for an extended period, advantage was taken of this down time and a new Barco DP4K-17BLP projector was installed, along with a Barco Alchemy server.  The projector offers consistent DCI-compliant image quality with native 4K resolution, excellent contrast along with reduced operating costs compared with traditional xenon lamp-based technology.

Scott Cinemas Managing Director, Dan Harris said “Working with Bell Theatre is always a pleasure, with the supply and installation of the new equipment going flawlessly, despite the pandemic. The Barco 4K projector delivers a greatly improved image quality and both customers and staff alike have noticed the improvement to both the picture and the new sound system.”

Barco DP4K-17BLP