During post production the look and feel of a film can be enhanced and improved in a grading suite. These alterations are usually required for both technical and artistic reasons. For example a shot may need to be brightened because the light levels do not match the footage used in the previous angle. In another scene the director may wish to boost the levels of a particular colour to change the emotional feel of the piece.

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The grading process is usually a collaboration between the Director, Colourist and Cinematographer. In these environments it is paramount to have projection calibrated to the highest standards. Light levels and colour balance must be perfect. This enables the creative team to trust the decisions they make about the look of the film.

Preview Theatres are regularly used to screen rushes, VFX shots or final masters. The highest standards need to be maintained in these reference facilities.

Bell Theatre Services has supplied, installed and maintain the projection equipment for more than 40 studios, visual effects companies and preview facilities. Our engineers are regularly onsite calibrating or maintaining systems for clients.

Specialist calibration equipment:

  • Photo Research PR680
  • Photo Research PR880
  • USL PSA 200

Post Production Facilities:

  • Deluxe Digital
  • Technicolor
  • MPC
  • CFC Framestore
  • Molinare
  • Double Negative
  • UFX
  • Prime Focus
  • M8 Media
  • Halo Post
  • 179 Post Production
  • Jellyfish Pictures
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