Bell Theatre Services are the UK’s leading supplier and installer of projection and sound equipment to the film industry. Our services are widely used by companies in the key areas of Cinema Exhibition, Film Production and Post Production.

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From an equipment upgrade to a brand new multiplex our wealth of knowledge in cinema design allows us to provide the best solution for your needs. We are happy to advise you on seating, sight lines, viewing conditions and equipment choice. Our passion for sound will prove that the picture is only half of the cinematic experience. We can offer advice on acoustic treatment, sound systems and audio description systems for the visually impaired. Compliance with legal requirements and consideration of all Health & Safety issues will remove any unwanted surprises during installation.


Our engineers install and calibrate projection and sound systems for screening rooms, film laboratories, studios and cinemas. We even install equipment at temporary locations for rushes, world premieres and festivals. Every installation receives the same attention to detail. Good planning and preparation results in a smooth process with minimal downtime.


Maintaining your equipment is essential to providing clients with sustained service at the highest quality. Bell Theatre Services offer a range of support plans to maintain your installation. This includes telephone and site support on weekends and public holidays. Our online monitoring capability allows us to remotely assess, diagnose and resolve potential faults on digital installations. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


We are pleased to be able to offer a repair service on all products that we supply ranging from projectors, cinema processors, amplifiers and loudspeakers to Digital Cinema Servers. Depending on the nature of the problem repairs may be carried out at our office or on site.

Remote Monitoring

We offer the ability to install a remote monitoring system that allows Bell theatre services to check on the status of installed equipment. This includes sending out e-mails when errors have been flagged, to then fix remotely or request an engineer to site.

Other Services: